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CaseEducation Connection

Even before the federal government´s project, “Um Computador por Aluno” (One Computer per Student), the State of Rio de Janeiro had already been distributing laptops to students in the school system. In February 2009, the Governor, Sergio Cabral, gave 12 thousand laptops with free internet access to teachers of the Elementary School network and two thousand for High School students. Thus, 50 thousand laptops have already been donated to the teachers of state schools.

The “Generation of the Future” project will be extended to other grades, because the computer has become an indispensable tool in schools. Thus, Rio de Janeiro celebrates education, investing in its teachers and students. There are also plans to provide a laptop for school counselors in schools.

As a gesture, kits containing microphones and amplifiers were delivered to school principals. The equipment is being installed in all 19.6 thousand classrooms of more than 1.5 thousand school units of the state education network to facilitate communication between teachers and students.


CaseInformation Technology Truck

The Mobile Popular Computer Workshop Project brings basic notions about computer technology and Internet access to young people between 13 to 17 years of age, from needy communities. The project, created in 2003, is set up in a truck with air conditioning and 16 computers, which travels to different locations where it remains for a month. The initiative of the state government benefits about 900 young people every month, and it is a modern concept of a mobile computer education lab.

Open software and low-cost PCs used in the information technology truck - with a capacity for 32 students - are provided by Investiplan, which participates in this digital inclusion project promoted by the Department of Social Action. The company's computers are workstations, known as clients, ideal for use in network environments and with a special configuration that makes it cheaper than conventional machines.

The project offers basic and advanced computer courses, with diplomas awarded by the Center for Data Processing in Rio de Janeiro (Proderj), and each truck also carries audiovisual equipment for long distance learning courses. The owner of Investiplan, Paulo Afonso explains that the goal of his company in supporting this initiative was to assist the government in fighting digital exclusion in the state.

Electronic Examinations
Innovative system of assessment and correction of exams, where via touch screen terminals, the candidate completes the answers. An example of the success of this method of assessment was implemented in DETRAN/FESP-RJ for driver´s license qualification.

» It makes the process of receipt of the document more secure and agile. This is because the type of exam is selected from a bank of exams, by the system;
» The user performs the test on the computer. The individual receives the result immediately after the conclusion of the test.