A Empresa

A sustainable company is one that adopts an ethical and cooperative stance for the preservation of the environment and quality of life for people. Holder of ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management System), Investiplan has developed a manner of working that is directly related to the best practices of sustainability.

Actions such as the remanufacturing of used computers for applications in social digital inclusion projects, and the sending of defective components to the component processing industry, are measures that help reduce technological waste - one of the consequences of the popularization of technology on the planet. Electronic devices are composed of highly toxic, non-biodegradable materials (such as lead, mercury or cadmium), increasing the potential risk of population.

Investiplan, in partnership with Lexmark (printer manufacturer), has developed a program for using original cartridges and disposing of them properly in order to preserve the environment. With the Print Outsourcing services, offered by Investiplan for the control of copies within companies, the culture of printing resource management through software management is spread among our customers, thus increasing control over what is printed, reducing costs and avoiding the waste of paper and toner.

Investiplan only uses equipment with the “Procel” energy saving label in its refrigeration projects (air conditioning), and performs equipment cleaning procedures with 100% biodegradable products. Thus, the company contributes to the reduction of energy consumption.

By acting in a sustainable manner, Investiplan seeks to make its contribution toward the preservation of the environment, acting to achieve proficiency and to meet the needs of the present without affecting future generations. The company bases its work on the four pillars of sustainability: products and services must be ecologically correct, economically viable, socially fair and culturally accepted.