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Por que alugar?
The reduction of the Total Costs of Ownership (TCOs), in association with modern failure management systems, maintains the client´s focus on its principal activity. As a result, the client eliminates expenditures on its processes/activities.          
» Demobilization of working capital which becomes available for application in the expansion of its business;
» Expenses with asset and operational management, all included;
» The hire and administration of specialized personnel for identification, control of property (equipment and parts), auditing and maintenance of equipment;
» Expenses with asset demobilization (due to obsolescence, misuse or breakage);
» Expenses with logistics and transportation of equipment when relocating it between departments or even when sending equipment to the accredited technical assistance of the manufacturer;
» Delay in restoring faulty equipment due to the process of analysis and approval of a technical report, price quotations, authorization and effective purchase of the spare part;
» Always up-to-date technologically.