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Tecnologia sob medida para o seu negócio
Grupo Investiplan offers a solution with cutting-edge technology, of easy access and dynamic, to create an environment for language teaching using the best resources of Information Technology, making possible the use of rooms and environments at low cost. This type of approach allows each student to have his/her own environment of interactivity and develops their learning goals.
  Main characteristics
  Business Intelligence - Strategic Management Module. Powerful decision-making tool.
Budget Planning - Budget planning and business goals.
Commercial - Control of purchases, sales, stock and definition of targets.
Financial - Cash, cash flow, banking, accounts payable and receivable.
Personnel Management - Payroll, time card, recruitment and selection.
Accounting - Management of fixed assets of the company, accounting and ledger.
Industry - Module of planning and production control.
Wholesale - Full automation of the sales force, distribution management, WMS (Warehouse Management System) and Control of Vehicles.
Retail - Store front and CRM.
Services - Management of projects, contracts and service orders.
Electronic Quotation - Suppliers and automation in stock replacement.
Electronic Ordering - Automates the purchase of products and raw materials.
E-Commerce - Automation and control over business transactions via the Internet.
CRM - Module that helps retain customers.
Telemarketing, B2B, B2C, BSC
Distribution and Logistics
Civil Construction and Projects
Public Sector
Answering Services
Digital languages