Serviços e Soluções
Sistemas de Gestão
Education Management    

Business Intelligence - Strategic Management Module.
Academic - Academic and financial management;
Financial - Controls debts, credits, monthly fees and monitors defaults.
Teacher’s Web Portal - A virtual room for teachers for consultations on school life.
Student’s Web Portal - For the student to use various services of the educational institution;
Selection Process - Allows registration via web and assists in the selection process.
Library - Complete management of the collection of the institution.
People Management – Payroll administration.
Accounting - Management of fixed assets of the institution.
Other modules: Equity / Supplies.

ERP System (Enterprise Resourse Planning)
Business Intelligence - Strategic Management Module. Powerful decision-making tool.
Budget Planning - Budget planning and business goals.
Commercial - Control of purchases, sales, stock and definition of targets.
Financial - Cash, cash flow, banking, accounts payable and receivable.
Personnel Management - Payroll, time card, recruitment and selection.
Accounting - Management of fixed assets of the company, accounting and ledger.
Industry - Module of planning and production control.
Wholesale - Full automation of the sales force, distribution management, WMS (Warehouse Management System) and Control of Vehicles.
Retail - Store front and CRM.
Services - Management of projects, contracts and service orders.
Electronic Quotation - Suppliers and automation in stock replacement.
Electronic Ordering - Automates the purchase of products and raw materials.
E-Commerce - Automation and control over business transactions via the Internet.
CRM - Module that helps retain customers.
Telemarketing, B2B, B2C, BSC
Distribution and Logistics
Civil Construction and Projects
Public Sector
Answering Services
Digital languages